Work With Me

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Discovery Call

20 minutes – Complementary

Comfort and trust in your practitioner is important to your success! This twenty minute “get to know each other” chat provides a chance for you to discuss what you hope to achieve through nutritional therapy, ask any questions you may have and see if we are a good fit!

Wellness Journeys

Our bodies are pretty resilient. It can take a long time before they begin to show us the various signs and symptoms indicating they aren’t getting what they need to function optimally. It also takes time to address these issues and begin to bring the body back into balance. As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I believe offering packages is the best way to serve my clients. There are no quick-fixes and healthy, sustainable change requires both time and commitment.

**The cost of testing and/or nutritional supplements is not included in any of the above package fees**

Group Classes

The RESTART® Program


The RESTART® program is a 5 week online program consisting of nutritional education and a 3 week sugar detox. Add in the element of group support and you have a powerful combination!

See The RESTART® Program page on this site for more information and available classes!

Additional Services

Grocery Store Tour

120 minutes -$200

Navigating the wilds of the grocery store aisles can be downright confusing.  In this tour through your local grocery store, I will provide you with all the tools you need to recognize the foods and ingredients that you should steer clear of and how to fill your cart with the quality, nutrient dense ingredients needed to keep you on the path to wellness. 

Pantry Clean Out

120 minutes – $200

We will trek through the jungle of your pantry shelves to determine which staples can come along for the ride and which ingredients need to “hit the road”.  We’ll discuss why certain products are not beneficial to your health and I’ll provide you with ideas for healthier swaps and alternatives to keep on hand.

Grocery Store Tour and Pantry Clean Out Package

240 minutes combined – $350

Combine both services for a discounted fee.


Payment is final and non-refundable upon my receipt of your initial paperwork.


  • Cancel at least 24 hours in advance – 100% of fee will be refunded
  • Cancel less than 24 hours in advance – 50% of fee will be refunded