∙ About Shannon∙

I’m a born and bred Canadian prairie girl, now living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Happily married and momma to two grumpy old cats, I love to spend my free time puttering around the kitchen or yard, reading, lifting heavy things and geeking out on board games and puzzles with my hubby.

Professionally, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at the University of Saskatchewan and spent nearly 20 years practising in retail pharmacy as both a staff pharmacist and pharmacy manager. A love of the sciences, helping people and a true belief that our healthcare systems need to be more proactive led me to completing my certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.  

I’ve always had an interest in food and our connection to it. From spending time in the kitchen with mom to wonderful family meals made lovingly by my grandmother, food, for me, has always been a way to show love and create a feeling of connectedness. Until it isn’t. Years of yo-yo dieting and eating whatever I could quickly shovel down between patient interactions at the pharmacy left me fatigued, anxious, suffering gallbladder attacks and headaches, coping with infertility and hormonal imbalances and still dealing with weight issues. I’m not saying that all these things were 100% caused by my nutritional choices, but they definitely set the stage. In my mid-thirties, through a challenge at my gym, I tried a more ancestral way of eating. I cut out processed foods, began meal prepping and fuelling my body with whole foods. Lo and behold, I began to see a return of energy and vitality! But I became married to my food tracker, tracking macronutrients to get “just the right” amount of each and scratching my head when friends were thriving and I was just stuck. Better than before, but not where I wanted to be. Nobody wants to track every morsel they put in their mouth, especially if not seeing or feeling results!  Food should be fun, food should be enjoyable and food should NOURISH us. This was the key I was missing.  It’s not about meeting a set number of calories or macronutrients everyday and it’s not about hitting that magic number on the scale. What it is about is recognizing and understanding the messages your body sends you (through various symptoms) that tell you what it actually needs to function optimally!  It wasn’t until I found the Nutritional Therapy Association that it all really clicked.  I’m so looking forward to supporting my clients and helping them find direction and balance in their own journeys to optimal wellness!!