∙ The Restart® program ∙



Tuesdays 6:30PM to 8:00PM PST – June 18th, 2024 through July 16th, 2024


$249 USD

(includes official RESTART® cookbook delivered to your door!)
Class size is limited – REGISTER TODAY!

Do you wonder where your energy went? Are you no longer getting restful sleep? Do you suffer from brain fog? Sounds like you need a RESTART®!

The RESTART® program is a 5 week program consisting of nutritional education and a 3 week sugar detox. Add in the element of group support and you have a powerful combination!

Give yourself a vacation from the sugar and find out just how GOOD you can feel using REAL FOOD!

What you will learn

Week 1: Preparing for your WHOLE FOOD sugar detox

Week 2: Your digestive check-in

Week 3: What sugar really does in your body

Week 4: The truth about FATS

Week 5: How to move forward and celebrate your success!

Benefits participants have experienced

Increased Energy
Improved Mood
Mental Clarity
Weight Loss
Reduced Anxiety
Better Sleep
Reduced Cravings
Boosted Immune System

Due to COVID-19 restrictions,
the RESTART® classes are being offered as an online program.